CrankWheel – share your screen in 10 seconds

CrankWheel lets you say “I can show you” while speaking to your customer on the phone, and several seconds later they will be seeing live screen share of web pages or documents from your screen on their computer or mobile device. CrankWheel works on practically any browser and computing device, without requiring a download, and getting your customer connected is a quick and easy process for both parties.

CrankWheel was founded in early 2015 by a 10-year Google veteran technical leader and a hard-core salesman who has spent thousands of hours on the phone talking to customers, and in his car driving to them just to show them his screen.

The problem is that sales and service over the phone are incredibly inefficient, and it is important to make them just as efficient as in person. To that end, the team at CrankWheel created the first screen sharing solution that lets you connect with your customer without any preparation, in the middle of a phone call, in just a few seconds, even when they are on their mobile. They never need to install anything, and to get them connected you never need to recite complex URLs or conference codes over the phone. We also make sure you always know exactly what they are seeing and when, so you never need to ask “are you seeing the next slide yet” or “did you see what I pointed to?”

CrankWheel is free for individual use, visit the website to find out more, and there are monthly plans available for organisations that receive co-branding, a separate reception lobby for joining their screen sharing sessions, reporting, user management, and access to optional add-ons such as white labelling, audit logs, and more.